Cup Cakes


Grilled Chicken Pizza

Grilled Chicken Pizza is quick and lighter pizza for groups and individuals to try with extra dough / cheez topping.

200 Rs.

Bar B.Q Pizza

Bar B.Q Pizza is everyone's favorite and perfect for eliminating your hunger in HOT or COLD season.

220 Rs.

Chicken Fajita Pizza

Our Chicken Fajita Pizza is ready to amaze your Taste Buds & to rock the party.

230 Rs.


Salsa Sandwich

Salsa Sandwich has tons of flavor and will makes a great lunch.

230 Rs.


Strawberry Pastry

Our Strawberry Pastry have great Strawberry taste and Quality.

160 Rs.


Nutella Brownie

Nutella Brownie is one of the favorite Brownie among kinds.

140 Rs.


Walnut Tarlet

Walnut Tarlet is full of Walnuts and all desi taste.

140 Rs.

Soft Drinks